COVID-19 Update

While we remain open to provide our normal complement of exam services, our clinic is currently operating under guidance from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. In accordance with these guidelines, we are implementing the following policies in our clinic to minimize the risk of communicable disease to patients, providers, and staff:

1) All staff, patients, and visitors to the clinic are strongly encouraged to wear masks and are being screened via questionnaire to determine whether symptoms of COVID-19 are present or recent exposure to someone affected by it may have occurred.  

2) As has always been our procedure, all instrument contact surfaces are sanitized between each patient encounter. In addition, all doorknobs, counters, sinks, and exam chairs are sanitized between patients. Waiting room chairs and office countertops are sanitized at regular intervals.

3) All eyeglass frames handled are cleaned before being replaced on displays. Only one patient and guest may be present in the optical room at any time.

4) When possible, patients are escorted directly to a clean exam room with all appropriate precautions. We are making every effort to avoid having patients wait in reception areas and are requesting that no more than one caregiver accompany patients.

5) We have reduced the number and frequency of patient examinations to limit the number of visitors present at any one time and maintain distances of at least 6 ft between individuals when feasible. 

We understand the inconvenience to our many patients that these changes will create and appreciate your understanding as we all work to limit the risk of COVID-19 to our community.

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