A cataract is a clouding of the eye's internal lens. Cataracts are sometimes considered to be the eye's version of grey hair and wrinkles because of their almost universal association with older age; however, they may be caused at any point in life from trauma or disease including diabetes. 

Many people with cataracts are unaware of the subtle changes in vision that they create, including reduced contrast sensitivity, increased glare at night, and decreased overall clarity of vision. Often, developing cataracts will cause more frequent shifts in glasses and contact lens prescriptions. Regular dilated eye examinations can facilitate the diagnosis and management of cataracts. When appropriate, a common surgical procedure that removes the cloudy internal lens from the eye and replaces it with a clear implant can restore vision to someone affected by cataracts.

While our optometrists do not directly perform cataract removal surgery, they are experienced in providing critical preoperative and postoperative care for cataract surgery and in determining the appropriate circumstances to coordinate referrals to trusted local surgeons for the best in visual outcomes. If you have been previously diagnosed with cataracts or are experiencing changes in vision, please contact us for a consultation exam today! 

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